Chan-Luu Bracelet

There is a new fashion trend in Hollywood now: all the stars wear bead bracelets for happiness. This trend comes from Africa where such accessories are made of mature materials. The bracelet was originally used to protect the wrist at a place where the main vein passes to the heart. Later it became a fashionable decoration for both men and ladies. 

During our master class children will make the bracelets by their own hands with the help of our Ethnic Guide who will not only guide them through the process but also disclose the magical peculiarities of its usage. 


  • Number of participants:

    For groups of 10 to 30 children

  • Age:

    Children from 10 years

  • Duration:

    1 hour

  • Group price:

    Attneding Quest for Children price for one child just EUR 6
    Master class only price EUR 8

  • Rooms:

    Market place