African Mask

A mask is a dwelling of the spirit guarding the human soul. This is the way it is treated by the people of Africa, Asia, America and the Pacific. Each element of the mask is individual: its colour, decoration, features. Masks are so unique that in Africa many people use them as passports. 

Here in EthnoQuest you can make a home of your guard spirit by your own hands. With the help of our Ethnic Guide you will make your unique mask depicting a totem animal or bird, magical signs and symbols of your soul. After this master class, you can be sure: no sorcery will ever affect you! 


  • Number of participants:

    For groups of children up to 30 people with 1 to 3 adults

  • Age:

    Children from 6 years

  • Duration:

    1 hour

  • Group price:

    Together with Children's Quest: EUR 5 per child
    Master class only EUR 6 per child

  • Rooms:

    Market place