Child's Birthday

Now you can celebrate your child's birthday in a very specific atmosphere in EthnoQuest. Your children definitely know computer quest games where they aim to find treasures. We offer a real adventure quest with a real treasure to find. Your children will visit the Oriental Bazaar, then depart for Africa on an ocean fregate and occur on a deserted island, resolving various logical quests on the way to enter the new level. 

Besides, children can participate in one of our master classes, to make African tamtams or magical bracelets. Our Ethnic Guide has a number of various ideas to make children happy.

And of course we do not forget the special children's menu! 


  • Number of participants:

    For groups of 6 to 30 children

  • Age:

    6-12 years of age

  • Duration:

    Up to 3 hours

  • Group price:

    Working days: 3h - EUR 140 (room rent for 3h, quest) + master class. From Fri. - Sun.: 3h - EUR 160 (room rent for 3h, quest).

  • Rooms:

    Market place, Children’s quest